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My name is Stephane Champagne.  I love my surname. I come from a Scottish and French heritage however I was born in Quebec, Canada where I lived for the first 27 years of my life.  I actually lived in a town called Drummondville which is an industrial city with  a population of just over 71,000

I developed Tourette’s Syndrome when I was 6 years old and spent many years of my life isolated, depressed and on medication. Since I was young I dreamed of traveling and exploring the world. My family believed at that time that I was handicapped so severely that I would never do much in life which only led to my depression and sadness.

After trying to take my life at 18 my world changed and I started listening to myself and took control of my life. I stopped all my medication and once the enteral fog lifted my power came back and I began the journey of self discovery.

In 2008 I made a brave decision to apply for a 1 year working holiday visa to Australia.  Nothing would have stopped me from coming.  I borrowed money, worked many jobs and people (strangers) even gave me money so I could buy my round trip ticket from Toronto to Sydney, Australia.

The funny thing was when   I arrived on the 29th of September 2009 I didn’t speak  any English, I had  no place to stay, I had no money,  no job, no friends but what I did have was “me”!!!  I was “free”    I chose myself and that is the best gift I ever gave myself!

I know what it’s like to be a lone and I know what it’s like to be lonely and afraid but most importantly I know how important it is to connect with people and how difficult it is to find people to immediately connect to help you find your way. know how I can people who might be having those feelings.

My Social Companionship Network was developed to help, support, guide and assist people to connect to or engage in “social” activities.

Social Companionship = Friendship + Emotion

My social companionship network is a 100% non-sexual and 100% friendly, kind, respectful and open minded. It is includes everyone and excludes the ignorance, fear, guilt and shame for having to pay someone as a “non sexual” companion to help you in life.

I have strong social networks in the GLBT Community in Sydney but this service is for anyone and does not discriminate.

Coming from Quebec I offer my services in both French and English.

Make the most of your day, and if you can’t, just give me a call or email me.

Stephane Champagne

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