3 Steps to Break Out of the Mold


  1. Intimately get to know who you are and what you represent.

Without a crystal clear view of your identity, it will be difficult to survive the pressure and ridicule. Get to know yourself more. Spend time meditating, writing out your feelings, and organizing your thoughts before you make any big decisions.

  1. Try not to take things personally.

What you need to realize is that humans attack what they don’t understand. It isn’t that they dislike or disapprove of you; it is that they don’t understand what you represent.

Realize that the attacks are not personal, no matter how they sound. The people attacking you are really just protecting their own ideals, because what you represent makes them question their values.

  1. Realize that you are unique and important, despite what the people around you may say.

Your opinion and approach matters just as much as everyone else’s!

Once you start walking your own path, never turn back. Walk through life with your head held high knowing that you never comprised what is in your heart.

Being true to yourself will eventually earn you respect among many of your peers. This type of support will go a long way to keeping you on course.

If you ever feel alone on your path, realize that you are in good company. Almost all the great people in history chose to break the mold and to walk their own path.

Starting right now, I challenge you walk your own path and don’t compromise your beliefs for anyone.

Take the first step and never turn back.