How To Think For Yourself 


free thinkin3 The matter of free thinking is important for us to understand because it allows us to become more aware of our personal authentic perspectives and to see how we may have taken on some opinions that were not ours to begin with.

What does it mean to think for yourself?
The first thing that comes to mind is how one forms their opinions and thoughts. How much of your authentic vision of the world was formed by personal experience compared to established thought and opinion formed by what the majority has come to agree on.

We all have thoughts/perspective/opinions that have been formed fromimitating or agreeing with others in order to fit in or feel ‘apart of’ the whole; the point is how we use that perspective to grow.

See, its apparent that even in our imitating to be of like minds, we are innately striving to be one.  So If free thinking is thinking for yourself, then maybe we could start to see the pattern here.

Look at the world around youfree thinking

It helps to create a connected space within your emotional and physical bodies to be able to distinguish the difference in the opinions of others and your own opinions. Ultimately, we all share opinions, they shift and transform; it’s always fluid. If you are operating off the basis that other people’s opinions are more important than your own, then there is an imbalance in value.

When going into this space, the mind can sometimes get rushed away in the flow of separation that exists in between our innate connection we all share. This may feel like only seeing or feeling parts of the emotion/experience that you are making the space to feel in that moment, know that the more you go into this space the more clear your true emotional response will feel.

It is easy to join the majority of opinions and perceptions of the world by thinking  ”Well if they think and feel it, so can I”.  It is important to note when torn in between speaking your own feelings and what you think others will approve or agree upon in that moment, feel the value in your presence and the weight your opinion holds.

This sends affection to your infinite presence and allows this presence to feel safe enough to be present, in turn pulling in your authentic opinion.

Tell a story to better help express what you want

freeImagine a flowing river of white rapids filled with people trying to stay alive and a float, the river only permits momentary breaths of fresh air, forcing ones focus on survival and not on what could be outside of this rapid river. I see this as a reflection of the dynamics of our current timeline.

When one is in the river, all one can focus on is “Don’t die

When we grab a chunk of tree root on the edge of that rapid river and pull ourself out and stand on the bank free burstand look down on the water,  we can begin to see and form our own perspective on  what we believe the river is.

Know that the river did not create you and you do not belong to it.

You were not born in the river, you were pushed in, and so you can also jump out and choose to bath as you wish every once in a while perhaps. :)

As more people climb up on the river bank, we can lend those still encased in rushing water a hand that will begin to  diminish the forgetfulness of our true power. Just by one person lending a hand, this can be done collectively.

Who will climb out, who will stay in, and who will reach for a hand?

Only those looking to the perimeter will know it is possible to be outside of it, those focused on staying alive will only know this in that moment.  Some people need a hand, but at least they are reaching. Others can just step on out of the white water rapids, and some continue to flow until they notice they are one of the few left, and then they look to the perimeter.

Have the confidence to step out of your comfort zone

flowThe ability to fully Step out of ones comfort zone is hard at times, knowing that others have and are successfully doing this gives permission for transition to follow. Once we see that others are doing this, we gain confidence and knowing that we can too.

So if someone asks your opinion, take a moment and let your heart connect and scan your brain for truth. People always resonate with the vibration of truth.

Maybe your positioning that day is as the listener

Thank you for reading

With Love & Light  Jim Villamor 

free flower

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