The Travellors Movie Review for “August Rush ” by Kim Jr 

As an active Life Travellor who doesn’t see a lot of movies I wanted to introduce Movie Reviewer Kim Jr.   Kim’s Insight and emotional intelligence offers the reader a smart and well written review on films so the reader can be guided to watch a film that  we may have  missed  or about to see. 

Time is more valuable than money so Kim Jr is committed to helping us by sharing his reviews in order to assist with us on  our choices 

Movie : August Rush 

August rush

 Music is magic…    a compelling story of a child’s longing for his biological parents. August is absolutely convinced they have not forgotten, and will one day rescue him home from the orphanage.


Augusts’ mother was told he died at birth, life is meaningless and sadness clouds her days. Something does not feel right.   


They can hear each other in the stillness, the unseen vibration of music, an intuition that is terribly powerful.   


August Rush may capture your heart & imagination, this film is beautiful, and may be closer to what is real in our lives than we ever could have thought.

Kim Jr 

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