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Welcome To Oz Self Development.

Hi there! My name is Michelle McLeod and my mission in this life time is to raise conscious awareness within myself therefore affecting the whole. I endeavour to be the best version of myself at every moment in time. To live, love, learn and forgive shall be my daily practice.

I am a Self Development coach who specialises in helping people find meaning and purpose in their lives. Each program at Oz Self Development is custom fit to client’s individual needs focusing on the process of Self-realisation and personal fulfilment with the view to change from the inside out rather than the out side in. I firmly believe every life has meaning! Why not discover yours?

To find real meaning in life we must first have the right mind set. Why wait until your life is perfect or until you’ve reached your goals to be fulfilled? Why not create a mind set of success now so you can enjoy every day on your way to achieving your goals!

Happiness is a way of being, not a far off destination to be reached at some future date. So why wait? Real change is an inside job. Change your Self and you will change the world you live in!

Modes of Coaching

Using various modes of coaching including face to face, on line video and audio communication, telephone, text and e-mail I  facilitate a Self learning process that will assist you to discover meaning in your life. Together we will work at a pace that is comfortable yet challenging.

I have completed and been certified in various techniques that will assist in this process of change.

These include:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming at Practitioner, Master and Trainer level.
  • Past Life Therapy Facilitator.
  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – QHHT Level 1
  • Diploma of Life Coaching with the Australian Institute of Life Coaches.
  • Diploma of Life Coaching with Authentic Education
  • Logotherapy Level 1

Self education has played a large part in my life and as well as the above mentioned programs I have attended many non-certificate Self development programs including; Dr John Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience, Profile Accelerator with Dale Beaumont and Difference Maker Accelerator with Authentic Education. I have also been fortunate enough to attend many events over the years run by Hay House and I have attended lectures given by greats such as Louise Hay, Dr Wayne W. Dyer, Gregg Braden, Neal Donald Walsh, Doreen Virtue, Dr Joe Dispenza, Dr Brian Weiss and Caroline Myss, just to name a few.  As well as being very well read in many aspects of Self development  I am currently studying Logotherapy which is meaning based therapy that focuses on the future to help people find meaning and fulfilment in their lives. I therefore have a wide range of knowledge from various different resources, which I can incorporate into my coaching program to ensure it is custom fit to your unique personality and belief system.

Code of Conduct

At Oz Self Development the code of conduct is simple. It is one based on mutual respect. Respect for the process as well as respect for each person as an individual with the right to live their life by their morals and standards without fear of judgement. “Live and let live” is more than just a motto at Oz Self Development, it’s a way of being!

Now is the perfect time to ask yourself “Am I ready to step on to the yellow brick road and experience the wondrous journey of Self discovery?” and if so, who better to assist you than someone who has already taken this journey, which in turn, led to the creation of Oz Self Development.

Find your True Self in Oz!

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With much love & light